• Drew

    Drew Stoddard,


    A Computer Science major, Drew has been a key player in digital media his entire career. In 2005, he seized an opportunity and founded InterAir Media, a successful media group that caters to the niche market of air travel. As opportunities grew, Drew formed Mediahood — a full-service media agency. This year’s acquisition of United Future added key components of technology and creative to Drew’s original vision, and thus Stoddard + Partners was born: a group of specialized agencies that come together to solve business challenges.

  • Eric

    Eric Neff,


    Eric cofounded Stoddard + Partners and was instrumental in the creation and development of InterAir Media and Mediahood. He’s known as its CHO – Chief Happiness Officer. Once a designer, Eric understands how media relates to brand planning and positioning. His insights help create a clear vision of the marketing strategy and the media ecosystem. Eric is fully focused on building a phenomenal agency culture and bringing his team’s ideas to life.

  • Nicole

    Nicole Bressanelli,


    Nicole currently runs S+P’s operations. As a 17-year veteran, she’s an expert in integrated marketing. She led the team responsible for the introduction of in-flight Internet, and was integral in expanding Dove’s® business from bar & body to hair care. Nicole works across agencies to build the right team, keep us agile and within budgets. As COO, she has many roles, but her goal is to make sure the client’s vision is brought to life, efficiently and effectively.

  • Brian

    Brian Morris,


    Brian Morris is a veteran advertising and marketing professional with over 30 years experience on both the agency and client sides of the business. During his 27 years at Dailey & Associates in Los Angeles, Brian supervised well-known clients including Hilton Hotels, Calloway Golf, E&J Gallo, Countrywide Home Loans, KB Home and Nestle Foods, among many others. Brian also spent several years at IMI in Greenville, S.C. IMI is America’s premier luxury resort real estate sales and marketing company with over 6 billion in closings since its’ inception in 1991.



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